THE PICTURE HISTORY OF AMERICA by Alexander Van Rensselaer


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This constitutes a refresher course for adults who want to recheck a somewhat sketchy and unorganized awareness of American history- and for young people who want to highspot and coordinate the barebones of facts learned in greater detail in the grades. Let us hope it will not be used as a prop- or substitute- for advanced study of our history. The factual chronology is here, from 1774 to 1961 :- one surprising facet is that our story is not over-glamorized or presented without some unfavorable aspects. But in the concise statements of fact there is no room for penetration, little for personalities that have made our country, and almost no shadings of cause and effect. An illustrated index, alphabetically arranged, makes cross reference possible and quick location of facts. Illustrations on every page by Raymond Lafkin are decorative but a bit static in design and lacking in any sense of realism. In fact, there is a chanvinistic quality not sustained in the text. View the book as good merchandise, but little more.

Pub Date: Nov. 17th, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday