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FRANCE AND MUNICH: Before and After the Surrender by Alexander Werth

FRANCE AND MUNICH: Before and After the Surrender


ISBN: 140670671X
Publisher: Harper

This book fills a much neglected gap in our understanding of the forces at play in the year leading up to the present European war, -- that is the actual share of responsibility that was France's. England's surrender at Munich has been shouted to the skies, criticized and condoned; France has been assumed to be a minor partner. Now Mr. Werth, Manchester Guardian authority on French matters, analyzes the demoralization of French opinion, the caution about taking a lead, the inclination to put it up to England. He acknowledges that while Britain and France were in September 1938, in a position to resist German demands, psychologically they were incapable of doing so. He shows how it took France seven more months to come into her own and he examines France's labor, financial and economic problems. For the student of politics.