NO MAN KNOWS MY GRAVE: Privateers and Pirates 1665-1715 by Alexander Winston

NO MAN KNOWS MY GRAVE: Privateers and Pirates 1665-1715

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This focuses on the careers of Sir Henry Morgan, Captain William Kidd and Captain Woodes Rogers, all at one time or another in the service of the Crown. Privateers and politics were inseparable and the author has done a good job of tracing their collusion from the knighting of a Sir Francis Drake to the hanging of Captain Kidd. Trouble with Spain, internal disputes, expedient passing of Navigation Acts, are all part of bloody buccaneering history as Morgan descends on Porto Bello in a saga filled with chicanery and sometimes incongruous acts of chivalry. Captain Kidd, the professed foe of all pirates, was eventually condemned for being one but Captain Woodes Rogers, the oddly religious gentleman, was to become responsible for one of England's worst financial disasters only to survive bankruptcy and obtain a commission in the Bahamas. One of the stories in his journals was also to inspire the classic Robinson Crusoe. Thoroughly researched; lively history for the button-down buccaneer.

Pub Date: May 28th, 1969
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin