HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A MAN by Alexandra Penney


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A step-by-step introduction to Marabel Morgan territory: wearing pearls and pearls alone to bed, building a better mousetrap with vaginal contraction and pelvic tilt exercises. Of course, there is an audience for this sort of thing: it suggests to the timid ways of being aggressive without being ""unfeminine."" Indicate your interest by looking a man directly in the eye (but if you then ""zero in on the crotch, that's going too far""); use old clichÉ opening lines humorously, etc. Penney overrules the consensus that women need be movie-star perfect to attract men in bed: sexiness, we are assured, depends more on a woman's comfortableness with her own body, her sexy feeling about herself. This is very much concerned with candles and other scene-setters; the pleasures of massage (one woman even hired a private masseur to give her lover a surprise massage in bed before their lovemaking); and, somewhat more clinically, squeeze techniques to stave off premature ejaculation. Some of the advice is more juvenile: ""If you feel his penis is medium to smallish, it's best not to comment 'Oh, how big!' because he'll pick up your insincerity."" One more pursuit of ""the thundering orgasm.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1981
ISBN: 044013529X
Publisher: Potter--dist. by Crown