GREAT SEX by Alexandra Penney


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Many of us are looking for easy, fast-action ways to climb out of sexual sluggishness and make so-so sex into something a lot more intriguing. Everyone I know, including myself, would be interested in discovering some new turn ons to make sex not just good but great."" So the author of How to Make Love to a Man and How to Make Love to Each Other, bucking what she sees as the current turn-off, has threaded the sexual fantasies-come-true of New York careerist Diana and California architect Michael, in Paris, Rome, and New York, through chapters of straight (more-or-less) sex advice. Technique is important. Physical attractiveness is important. (Not perfection, but a cared-for--""healthy and fit and well-groomed""--body.) Dispelling ""performance anxiety"" is important. (Try visualization.) Understanding a man's erogenous zones is important. (""The truly skillful lover keeps constant track of the size and position of her partner's scrotum so that she can exactly gauge his state of arousal and thus prolong or speed up his level of excitement."") There's encouragement to masturbate in front of your partner (hear how Diana overcomes her inhibitions); there's also encouragement (via a Diana/Michael episode) to consider mixed threesomes. Those turned on by fantasizing will respond as they have to Penney's previous efforts--none of which has anything to do with the tingle from just being near some ordinary mortal you're crazy about, or the unmonitored joy of passionate sex.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1985
Publisher: Putnam