BLESSING OF THE HOUNDS by Alexandra Phillips


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A guestioning, ambient, indeterminate novel, which takes on something of the subjective cast of its central character- Fritz Marlin- a man of good will, at odds with his life. For at forty odd, free of a meaningless marriage, successful as a syndicated columnist but unsatisfied with his work, Fritz buys a house in the fox hunting country of Virginia, and falls in love with Gogo, very first family but impoverished. The war intervenes between his desire for Gogo and his intention to write a serious novel; his return from overseas brings Gogo no nearer since she intends to marry for money rather than love; but a hunting accident which cripples Gogo increases Fritz' eligibility, while Fritz decides that he will not give up his book to keep up his column and support Gogo in style.... The equation of security versus freedom resolved with gentle sympathy and more than a little reflection.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1952
Publisher: Dutton