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LIVING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE by Alexandra Stoddard



Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1986
Publisher: Random House

This kind of comfy, all serendipity-and-panache, scrumptiously self-satisfied book can make the less well-moneyed, envious reader yearn to give Stoddard's pages a nice scrub with vitriol and watch them gasp and shrink. Stoddard wants to perk you up in various areas of your life around the home. First, the rituals, such as bill-paying, bathing, sleeping, eating, can be enriched, personalized, made beautiful with just a dab of essence and imagination. For note-writing, collect bottles of ink in different colors; to invigorate the old brainpan, make your own quotation book; collect memorable thoughts. Don't keep your beautiful vegetables in the fridge, pile up your zucchinis, tomatoes and peppers in a bowl on the living-room table. Have Chinese food sent in if the weather is bad. Slice some lemons and oranges into your bathwater, then soak out your skin's impurities and toxins for 20 minutes in warm water. ""I enjoy switching from white sheets combined with flower-patterned baby pillows to pastel sheets and white, lacy, scalloped and ruffled baby pillows."" Stoddard is deep into Caswell-Massey toiletries and recommends that you have them make up a private fragrance just for you to feel eloquent in. And don't overeat--pamper yourself with sensuous gowns and robes. And dress for dinner, even if you're eating alone at home. You're worth it. Spend Saturday mornings reading and eating in bed. Have fun! Almond lobster salad, anyone?