DARING TO BE YOURSELF by Alexandra Stoddard


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How your home, party-giving, wardrobe, work, travel, leisure activities, and gift-giving can express your personal style--here defined as what ""makes you feel comfortable, what brings you delight."" Forget what's trendy or what impresses others, says interior decorator/author Stoddard. Your home environment should please your eye, be as cozy or antic as you want, and provide for your interests, be they books, cooking, gardening, art. Your clothes should reflect the requirements of your family and social life, your job (if any), and your leisure-time activities. Stress the colors, styles, and materials that are appropriate and comfortable for each of your roles and that set you off to best advantage. Stoddard spritzes suggestions like aerosol spray. Many are obvious: ""If you rarely go to black-tie events, you needn't have more than two dressy dresses."" She recommends the ""timeless"" Chanel-look, and plumps for polka dots and scarves that triple as neckware, belts, and hat trimmings. A few ideas might be innovative for some readers: Collect pictures and articles of furniture, rooms, clothing, and vacation spots that appeal to you; have a seamstress run up duplicates of your favorite piece of clothing in different colors and materials. Breathless and enthusiastic, but not for the budget-conscious: life-styles for the rich and famous, really.

Pub Date: Nov. 13th, 1990
ISBN: 0380715783
Publisher: Doubleday