WINES OF FRANCE by Alexis Lichine
Kirkus Star


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The test of the vitality and imaginative quality of this book is that this reader- who approached it with apathy, finished it with a sense of widened horizons and entry into a new world. It is not simply another guide to types, vintages etc. It is a unique journey through an unfamiliar country, with an informed and entertaining companion. Not only does the reader learn an immense amount about the subject-the wines of France- but bit by bit, the variables in vineyards, Kinds of grapes, processes of extraction, techniques of production, take form against a shifting and colorful background of many parts of France, enlivened further by odd legends, scarps of history, pen portraits of people, past and present, who have made their contribution to the history of France's wines.... For the connoisseur, the book is a Must, with authoritative information from an expert on comparative quality, vins du pays and wines for export, and all the fine points- with accompanying charts, names, and so on. The appendix contains much highly specialized data, tables, charts. And for the layman, useful sections on model cellars.

Publisher: Knopf