THE PRAYERS OF MAN From Primitive Peoples to Present Times by Alfonso-Ed. di Nola

THE PRAYERS OF MAN From Primitive Peoples to Present Times

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This is an enormous compendium of prayers translated into English by a most ambitious editor and researcher. The fact that it took years to compile is self evident in its volume and scope. But it is largely a reference book arranged according to religions and peoples throughout world history with little or no attempt to provide background explanatory material for the initiate, other than a label or sentence describing the purpose of the prayer. Thus there are sections devoted to primitive tribes and mystic cults, the Hebrews, Hindus, Greeks and Romans, Buddhists and Brahmans, astrological cults and many denominations of the Christian religion. Countless ceremonies, exorcisms, invocations and blessings pass within these pages giving credence to the pronounced impact and effect of spiritual concerns in the everyday life of diversified peoples through the ages. Undoubtedly an important addition to the annals of religion and cultural anthropology, but with specific limited appeal.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1961
Publisher: Ivan Obolensky