FLIGHT TO AFAR by Alfred Andersch


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A rather deliberately elusive novel of an escape is translated from the German (excellently) and strengthens its rather sketchily oblique frame of reference with some writing of marked distinction. A group of strangely assorted people are involved in an attempt to cross the Baltic- to Sweden- from a small coastal village in Germany in 1938: The Boy, whose father had died at sea- said to be drunk- with his Huck Finn idol and image; a German Jewess, Judith, whose mother had suicided to give her a chance to get away; a Communist, Gregor, incapable of love, and now doubting his commitment to his Party; and a statuette -- The Studying Monk- for which a Pastor wishes to find safekeeping away from his Church. A fisherman, Knudsen, who wants no involvement, is finally forced to accept the statuette- and Judith- and The Boy- by Gregor who stays behind but has enabled the others to make the crossing.... A quietly holding book- for a marginal market at best.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1958
ISBN: 1592640745
Publisher: Coward-McCann