FIGHTER FOR INDEPENDENCE: Jawaharlal Nehru by Alfred Apsler


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The emphasis here is on Indian politics. Through the subject, it forms a survey of political developments pre-dating the popular movement against British rule and serves as a clarification of the neutral stance as employed by Nehru. As the bibliography indicates, the author's research in popular accounts has been through. There is no invented dialogue nor incident. Mr. Apsler scrupulously reports both sides of the Indian problems that have engaged international attention: Pakistan, Goa, the championing of Red China before the U. N. The author's method is to record what happened, to outline probable causes and to interpret the measures instigated by Nehru within the framework of his philosophy of leadership. In regard to the subject's private life, the coverage for the formative years is most complete, which is reasonable, for in a sense, Nehru ceased to be a private citizen from the time he dedicated himself to the cause of Ghandi. Worthwhile reading.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1963
Publisher: Messner