SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN THE HUMAN MALE by Alfred C. & Associates Kinsey
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Wide national publicity, a series of articles in PM, feature play-up in '47 should help bring this important book to the attention of not only professionals in the field of human relations, but to a large segment of the reading public, intellectually- rather than pruriently- interested in the subject. Many of our accepted beliefs about sexual behavior are challenged and contradicted. Scientists, strangely enough, have too frequently accepted the assumption that individuals are alike sexually, that it is relatively simple to expect all to conform to the single pattern dictated by our codes of morals and mores. Now-- in a survey that has occupied nine years, Professor Kinsey and his associates, backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, have brought together some 12,000 case histories, included at all levels of social and financial position, age groups, rural population and urban, races and creeds. The analyses have been drawn to show the similarities and contrasts with particular emphasis put on behavior findings at various social and educational levels. Kinsey feels that an understanding of differences may help to ease tensions between groups and aid in the study of the origin of our philosophies. The first of its kind to present the subject in such scope, this will doubtless prove the source of subsequent works based on its findings. Later studies will deal with sexual behavior in human females, marital adjustments, sex education and the legal aspects of sex. Careful protection of the anonymity of the case histories, thorough preparation and training of the interviewers and their techniques, a gift for presentation in readable form, and the inclusion of many charts, copious indices and extensive bibliography all contribute to the authoritative value of the work. Important!

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1947
ISBN: 0253334128
Publisher: W. R. Saunders