MOZART: His Character, His Work by Alfred Einstein

MOZART: His Character, His Work

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From letters, source material, a new interpretation of Mozart, from youth to maturity, as artist, musician, man. The first section is devoted to the consideration of Mozart's travels, his genius, religion, patriotism, education, the women in his life; the second part to his music. It shows the crises in his creativity, his ability to learn, to devise new combinations, new meanings of the pattern already set in music, his relation to other musicians, and the distinction he achieved in the field of composition, his accomplishments in expanding existing forms. It shows his charm a person, his unfitness to deal with the actualities of life that resulted in a chain of inadequacies throughout life. A clear view of the dominant factors of his life and works that should make this book a worthwhile addition to previous volumes on Mozart.

ISBN: 0195007328
Publisher: Oxford