HOME IS AN ISLAND by Alfred Levis


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....... an island in the Azores, where very little happens during the childhood of Jose, whose father had once gone to America and wants that future for his son, and whose mother inclines him toward the priesthood. There is the building of a room- for Jose; the infringement of school- and catechism- on the time spent fishing in the sun with his father; the killing of a pig; his love of learning and of books which is fostered by his teacher; the shadow of the European war; the attraction to Maria; and finally his decision not to become a priest and to leave for America- ""wonderful, immense"" America. A reflection of a peacesbis, primitive life, whose simplicity and innocence is rarely touched by other worlds, this is for a limited audience.

Pub Date: Feb. 9th, 1950
Publisher: Random House