WHAT PRICE ISRAEL by Alfred Lillenthal


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An American Jew makes a strong plea for his right to remain an American in a book that assesses the political and financial costs of the new State of Israel to this country and definitely places them as a debit. Obviously his book will cause controversy and many may feel the right denied him is fictitious. But his condemnations, though going against the grain of a pioneering spirit,- of an ultimate, hard won justice against expulsion and persecution, have a cool practicality to them that is convicing. Among other things, Mr. Lillenthal comments on the myth of the Jewish vote and the temptation it has been to some of our congressmen to go blindly to such lengths as supporting Stern Gang projects. Mythical too, is the idea of Jewish racial unity, and the doctrine that all Jews must eventually return to Palestine. Drastically, he compares this to Hitler's Aryanism. The 1947 partition he dubs ""unholy"", a product of juggling that left in its wake an unrecognized Arab discontent that is now a big help to Russia. Again pleading for sensibility to take the place of a tawdry nationalism, he does not damm entirely, but hopes for an independent rather than a demanding Israel that will in the future be able to deal with the Arab refugee problem, form a stable economy and not be regarded as an untrustworthy ""Insurance policy"" for those who have not yet gone ""home"".

Publisher: Regnery