MULTIVALENT MAN by Alfred McClung Lee


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The author is concerned with society as a multiplicity of conflicting moral values in and through which man lives and has his being, and in the consequent effect upon the individual of many values. He takes up here the confusing ramifications of multivalence in defining our impressions of society and relating ourselves to other people and the struggles over the relative merits of individuality and conformity. He pursues these problems through investigating the experience of the individual in relation to our culture, of group man, and exploring the fabric of values which society presents and the participation of men in various roles (particular attention is paid to the person in a marginal position). The author feels that the individual should learn more about society in order to dwell effectively and happily within its confines, and his book deals in specifics to assure greater understanding. However, his presentation is at a level of professionalism which may well discourage the common reader. Essentially for colleagues and compeers.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1966
Publisher: Braziller