SIX OF THEM by Alfred Neumann


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A psychological study of the anti-Nazi in Germany today, through an intricately patterned story of six people arrested for distribution of inflammatory anti-Nazi literature in the University of Munich. The story is told in reverse -- as the case of each is revealed from childhood conditioning on, showing the processes by which the Nazi philosophy was forced upon Germany. Tortuous telling of a story, and a style so involved and artificial that he defeats his own ends. Names:- von Henning and his wife, Dora, Sophia and her brother Hans, Alex who loves them both, and Christopher whom Sophia loves and whom everybody suspects, but who ends by being perhaps the biggest of the six...Not an easy book to read, and in final analysis, not important enough to be worth the difficulties. The same sort of thing has been better done -- Lothar's The Prisoner to take a current example...Translated from the German by Anatol Murad.

Pub Date: July 24th, 1945
Publisher: Macmillan