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MODES OF THOUGHT by Alfred North Whitehead



ISBN: 002935210X
Publisher: Macmillan

Current abstractions"" treated and probed by a less gifted mind and pen than that of this well known author might, to put it mildly, remain abstract. Not so with this brain flashing wit, humor and intelligent observation upon such headings as Creative Impulse, Activity and Nature and Life. Under these three Dr. Whitehead discusses the meaning of importance, expression, understanding, perspective, forms of process, civilized universe, nature lifeless and alive. We use them glibly -- suggest to your customers they investigate their true meaning with this delightful guide so full of ideas, so practical, so scientific yet utterly captivating because of the novelty and originality of his mind. Before his recent retirement Professor Whitehead divided his time between his two fellowships at Harvard, Cambridge, Mass., and Trinity, Cambridge, England.