A LONG WAY TO FRISCO by Alfred Powers


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Westminster published and Coward-McCann Prisoners of the in 1948 and this new story with yet another Western and Northwestern background more closely resembles the title. For here in Cornellus, 16, and Levi making their way with their diggings from the gold mines to San Francisco in 1852. They are nearly robbed, nearly shanghaied and decide to become hog buyers in view of the over-whelming meat shortage. Their hunt for hogs takes them to Yuba City, Oregon, into Indian country and finally to their goal of 1400 bend of hogs. But their troubles begin when they try to get them back to California -- there are wild Spanish cattle, hog thieves, damage suits, no ship to transport them and a trek over the mountains in which the hogs are all frozen to death. How they retrieve their fortunes makes an entertaining end to an adventure story which has its full quota of exciting events and a certain wry humor.

Pub Date: Aug. 6th, 1951
Publisher: Little, Brown