C.O.L.A.R. by Alfred Slote


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Danny, the robot Jack Jameson's parents bought to be My Robot Buddy (1975) and twin brother, is robotnapped again, this time when the family spaceship runs out of fuel and lands on an uncharted, desolate planet. There they are menaced by moving rocks, which turn out to be elevators containing runaway teenage robots who have established an underground colony. The robots, former work slaves, can't believe that Danny is treated as one of the family, and so they plan to kill the family and take Danny underground for deprogramming. But Jack follows Danny under; the two escape', and after Space Patrol arrives with fuel they keep the runaways' secret and, back on earth, arrange for other robot owners to treat their slaves with respect. Slote's notion of robots with human emotions and feelings was a dubious one in the first place, but he gets in over his head here when he plays around with their rights: if we can accept their ""humanity,"" we obviously can't accept their being ""owned"" at all. Light as this is, it only goes to demonstrate that Asimov's rules can't be frivolously abandoned.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1981
Publisher: Lippincott