MOVING IN by Alfred Slote


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Robby and Peggy aren't happy about moving again, but they're positively horrified when it looks as though their father is going to marry Ruth, his new business partner. Each comes up with a plan: Robby hopes to drive Dad out of business by leaking an important new computer program to a competitor; Peggy plays matchmaker with her father and their new housekeeper, Carol. As usual, Slote creates an appealing cast, none of whom is at all shy about expressing opinions or asking tough questions. Both plans go awry with devastating rapidity: the competitor, a decent sort, returns the diskette as soon as he sees what it is, and he and Carol start sparking the instant they lay eyes on each other. But the plot isn't through twisting there, because Ruth has her own plans. By the book's end, almost everyone is happy, and Peggy and Robby are pleased to find Dad ""safe."" Except for a sermonette about meddling in other people's lives, Slote has crafted a winning, good-natured comedy.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1988
Page count: 128pp
Publisher: Lippincott