DOUGLAS MACARTHUR by Alfred Steinberg


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From a lifetime that reads like a unique adventure novel, he has emerged in his nation's history as one of its most valorous and able defenders."" A detailed and sympathetic picture of that lifetime here stresses all the major events that led to his fame and acclaim. MacArthur's ability to sustain cruel hazing during his years at West Point is an early indication of the man's courage and tenacity more beneficially applied to his brave exploits during World War I. Later as Superintendent of West Point, his unbending severity and discipline were the order of the day. But the hair-raising drama of World War II provided the real arena for the full blown application of MacArthur's brilliance as a military strategist, and it is this that comprises the greater portion of his biography. MacArthur's controversial recall from Korea is handled with a fair degree of objectivity in a worthwhile account for those interested in our nation's recent history.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1961
Publisher: Putnam