MAGIC WORD FOR ELIN by Alice Alison Lide


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When Elin moves from Helsinki to the farm country of Finland, she determines that, here, at last, she will find the magic word that will give particular meaning to her life. Steeped in folk tradition of the Finnish epic, the alevala. Elin approaches her new life with enthusiasm and vigor. A mystery involving a haunted hill, and a profound desire to help her school build a sports club which will strengthen the youth of Finland, lead Elin into many adventures and finally to the discovery of her special word. As a portrait of modern Finland with its myriad reflections of Finland's legendary past, this text, into which are woven appropriate verses from the Kalevala, brings a new dimension to what would otherwise be an average girl's adventure story.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1958
Publisher: Abingdon