YOUR FLAG AND MINE by Alice Curtis Desmond


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For the first time since 1912, the flag of the United States is changed. The addition of two new states dramatizes that change, and turns our eyes back to its earlier checkered history, punctuating successive events, national and local. Columbus planted the flag of Spain; the English flag, the French flag, the flags of the individual colonies, and then Betsy Ross' flag, hastily contrived (according to legend) for the new nation -- these symbolized our changing history. The Civil War flags gave a new significance to the meaning of the nation. And now- with the 50 star flag, two long disputed areas are raised to the status of states. Mrs. Desmond has marshalled her facts and kept her focus on her topic in a new way to present our history.

Pub Date: June 6th, 1960
Publisher: Macmillan