THE TALKING TREE by Alice Curtis Desmond
Kirkus Star


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**A honey of a book- in the remarkably vigorous and absorbing story of a young Tlingit Indian of Alaska, and his long and perilous journey into the wilderness. He is sent on a quest for a beautifully carved Totem Pole to bring to his native village as memorial to the dead chieftain, his uncle. This is to be a test of his manhood, his ability to do honor to the traditions of his clan. The dignity, the simplicity and wisdom of a little known people are shown in a unique story. No knight in armour could be as real, as compelling as this Indian lad, who works in a logging camp to buy his own red cedar, who fights wolves in a blinding storm, who perseveres in spite of handicaps to reach the goal he has set himself. The many curious and fascinating facts are incidental to the story itself. We spoke of the need for bridging books for boys conditioned to the comics. Here's a good choice, a book that will rate a long life.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1949
Publisher: Macmillan