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by Alice Duncan

Pub Date: Jan. 18th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4328-2570-6
Publisher: Five Star

A widow takes a trip to raise her spirits, only to walk into danger.

Daisy Majesty is a good-hearted fake Pasadena spiritualist who lost her beloved husband Billy to suicide caused by the pain of his World War I wounds and gassing. Now she’s so depressed that she hardly eats and restricts her visits to her wealthy longtime customer Mrs. Pinkerton. Her whole family, along with Billy’s best friend, grumpy policeman Sam Rotondo, are very worried. But then her pal, Mrs. Pinkerton’s son Harold, offers to take her on a trip to Egypt. After her family prods her to accept, the pair, posing as brother and sister, start off on the long, difficult journey. When they arrive in Egypt, they realize that it’s too hot to do much sightseeing. So after a camel ride, a pyramid visit and a shopping expedition, they decide to leave for Turkey, much to the dismay of the Englishman who’s attached himself to them. Daisy dislikes him and is not sorry to leave, but unfortunately she arrives in Turkey just in time to suffer a bad case of dysentery. In the meantime, Sam, who knows her predilection for getting into trouble (Hungry Spirits, 2010, etc.), has been writing to her, warning her of criminal activity in the area. He arrives in Istanbul just in time to see his fears come true.

A pleasant read that’s more romantic travelogue than mystery.