THE STORM OF WRATH by Alice Dwyer-Joyce


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And if it's a bit of ever so airy-fairy Irish mist that you're wanting, Constance-Tenacity Fitzgerald is the girl you'll be after. When an ancient oak falls on the church crypt hard by her family's estate, and she is dared by her sadistic fiance Phil McCrackan, wacko scion of the neighboring manor of Puck's Castle, to take a peek into it at midnight, what should she be seeing but a tiny white coffin with her name on it? Naturally she freaks, fearing she has gone round the bend like her mother Mimsy. She is further disoriented by having fallen in instant love with Fergus Kennedy while still engaged to creepy Phil. But in no time she has discovered she is the adopted successor of the poor little departed, and is off to the Hebrides (pursued by a devoted Fergus and a murderous Phil) to seek her lineage with only a handful of prizes from Fortnum & Mason Christmas crackers for a clue. Flimsy Irish whimsy, Mimsy and all.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1978
ISBN: 0708930158
Publisher: St. Martin's