THE GLITTER-DUST by Alice Dwyer-Joyce


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The glitter-dust is on lovely little Liz-Jane's eyes whenever she sets them on her neighbor Anthony Rickaby, for she's lonely living with her thriller-writing father in their home, The Rowan Tree, in Camford. When Dad goes off to Hollywood, Liz-Jane gets a bed-sit and a job working for Anthony at the hospital--where she meets Mitchell Allington, great archaeologist, with the green light in back of his eyes and his talk of their having loved in other lives. They marry, and Liz-Jane goes with him to the dreaded South-Sea-ish isle of Patanga, feared as a cursed place throughout the rest of the Orcades. There Mitch pricks his finger on a stone-age weapon and dies, and Liz-Jane, left with no money or spirit, must hire herself out as nurse-companion to horrible, witch-like Agnes Swan and her worse nephew. And when Agnes is murdered with the same barbiturates that Mitch took on his deathbed, it's for certain they'd arrest Liz-Jane were it not for the reappearance of Anthony Rickaby, come back to comfort and claim her, with Mitch smiling on them from the clouds and planting clues to the murderer. Lots of whimsy and not much mystery, since reincarnation and loving spirits make death almost incidental.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1978
Publisher: St. Martin's