MY ANIMAL BOOK by Alice Fenenga


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A coloring, stencil and story book all in one, which rates as a merchandise item except for its price which takes it a bit out of its class. The wide pages, bound in heavy board, with flat plastic spiral backbone give it the look of a play book and perhaps it would sell better in the toy department. Seven animals- each with a full page of realistic colorful picture, double column story text, outline of the picture for coloring, and separate pushout page- make up the whole. The stories are fairly routine and unimaginative, presenting the small listener with some facts of animal life woven into the story of Raman the work elephant, Little Camel, Necko the Giraffe, Father Lion, Mother Grizzly, the Farm Horses, the Pet Rabbit. A couple of hours sedentary fun, but no particular profit educationally speaking.

Publisher: Fideler