SOMEBODY MUST by Alice Grant Rosman


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There's a ""Rosman market"" so securely established that it is almost synonomous with a healthy sale and wide rental among those who want a good story, well told, modern enough to have a certain zip, and yet fundamentally sound from the point of the conservative reader. This new novel lives up to the traditions, amusing, easy reading, well above average, a family story against an English suburban setting, upper middle class people. A young Oxford graduate -- a girl -- is the central figure, and she manages to pull her family out from a threatening situation and put things back on a firm footing, and to be thoroughly human and likeable in the process. A good book for steady summer sales and rentals. The publishers are backing it extensively, along the lines of her previous set-ups.

Pub Date: June 22nd, 1934
Publisher: Minton, Balch