THREE HEAR THE BELLS by Alice Lee Humphreys


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Dedicated to an Onlie Begetter who at 93 ""still wears her Rosy Garland"", with a later incantation to ""Mother on the first day of school smiling bravely as he blinked away a mist of tears"", these pieces by a schoolteacher in the Caroinas venerate the trinity who ""hear the Bells"", Mothers, Children and other Teachers. There's Plumer, who required ""the weight of mine hand"", or Mona whose ""Small rrant Heart"" was softened by the Babe of Bethlehem, or Brain who ""doth leave a eritable carpet"" of playthings on the floor, or any one of the others in this professional of figures from her experience and in this litany of faith and love rewarded.... ""Yea"" and ""Verily"", even ""in mine extremity"", the destination doth seem indistinct, through a glass darkly as well as tears mistily.

Publisher: unk & Wagnalls