AT JASPER'S HOUSE and other stories by Alice Low

AT JASPER'S HOUSE and other stories

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Six stories that inflate the intimate and ineffable. In ""Candy for Oriana"" a civil-righteous camp counselor resents the fantasies of a little Negro visitor while the local racist responds to her needs. Similarly overdrawn is the one satire. ""The Buying Club,"" which becomes a burlesque. Two are routine renditions of common themes: a hopeful girl arouses a boy's tenderness when her carefully coiffed hair gets wet (""At Jasper's House""); a failure of nerve perpetuates a lie that is disastrous to an unwanted immigrant family (""The Naked Spot""). In each case what should be implied, and is quickly obvious, is iterated and reiterated, the most blatant offender being ""Aura,"" in which a thirtyish woman realizes, from sensing the admiration of a teenager, that the beautiful people of her childhood had lives that were daily like hers. ""A Real Country Christmas,"" celebrated by an imaginative girl despite her family's defection, concludes as a quiet testimonial and is thus the most affecting of the lot. By and large, adult perspectives but not adult treatment.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1968
Publisher: Pantheon