AN OWL AND THREE PUSSYCATS by Alice & Martin Provensen Provensen


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Four more of the animal friends at Mapel Hill Farm, the owl and the three pussycats never meet. Instead we observe a baby owl's rescue, care and feeding, growth, cute tricks, and, sad for the farm's three children, eventual release--as ""Owls aren't meant to live with people. You can't own an owl."" Then come the three kittens, all from different sources, their growth and cute tricks, their eventual banishment to the barn, and then re-admittance to the house for Webster, a Siamese: ""As far as he is concerned, he wasn't born to be a barn cat."" But as for Fat Boy, ""When he hunts at night his wild heart is free. You can never really own a cat."" More chat than story, in the voice perhaps of the Mapel Hill Farm granny--to match the Provensens' prim, primitivist illustrations.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1982
Publisher: Atheneum