THE GHOST DANCE by Alice McLerran


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In somber, repetitive verse, McLerran (Hugs, 1993, etc.) describes the life of bounty that once belonged to native people, how that was changed by the settlers with their plows and guns, and how the prophet Tavibo had a dream about a Ghost Dance that would bring back the past: ""Dance, said the dream. . . ./Dance, and the white men all will disappear,/their horses and their goods remain."" The magic failed. The book ends with a somewhat sentimental battle cry: ""Maybe if we all dream./Maybe if we all sing./Maybe if we all dance."" The mystical illustrations convey these images more effectively than the text; in his first book, Morin combines found objects with highly textured oil paintings, creating an atmosphere that is appropriately dark and unsettled.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1995
Page count: 36pp
Publisher: Clarion