WELLESELY:- A Part of the American Story by Alice Payne Hackett

WELLESELY:- A Part of the American Story

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This has broader appeal than simply the interest to Wellesley alumnae in an accurate history of the College through its first 75 years, in showing the changes in the status of women, in the extending of horizons. All college graduates will be interested in the ""firsts"" for which Wellesley is conspicuous,- the first physics laboratory for women, the first psychology laboratory, the first women's college independent radio station. Wellesley is the only college today to require Biblical History, in carrying out the spiritual influence of the founders. Miss Hackett paints a good picture of college life, highlighting some dramatic events,- the College Hall fire of 1914, the selection of Wellesley's president, Mildred McAfee, as Captain of the WAVES, and so on. A story such as this should help all women's colleges. But the market will, inevitably, be primarily to those interested in Wellesley.

Publisher: Dutton