CATHY WHITNEY: President's Daughter by Alice Rogers Hager

CATHY WHITNEY: President's Daughter

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Sic Transit--Margaret Truman, Caroline, Lynda Bird and Luci Baines. Well now it's Cathy Whitney, who has to leave her horse Sinbad behind, nickering, when her father is elected President. There's the absolutely ""terrific"" flight there and the first days are drenched in gala occasions from the inauguration on; but there are problems--she doesn't like her quarters and she is allowed to do ""her suite"" over--and she misses Sinbad and her best friend; she resents the disruption of family life. But Sinbad is sent for and Cathy inaugurates ""Ice Box suppers a la White House"" and she gets to have an hour a day with Daddy, and sister Ann gets married, and Cathy Whitney is going ""to be the girl with the lamp""--upholding the symbol of this family. About all that can be said for this is that it indulges girls with fifty stars in their eyes and not a scintilla of sense in their heads. There is a prefatory note, acknowledgements and foreword, along with the welcome reassurance that the ""White House is real.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1966
Publisher: Messner