THE CANVAS CASTLE by Alice Rogers Hager


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Winner of the Julia Ellsworth Ford Foundation award, and Junior Guild selection as well- this is off to a good start. It's -- in my opinion- a nice, wholesome family story, but not a particularly distinguished book. It is a story of a happy year when an engineer's family, never hardened to continual uprootings, finds opportunity to put down roots, make friends, buy four acres of hillside property and build a unique house, which they describe as the canvas castle. Chiefly it is Maidie's story, a 12-year old who can't forgive her father for packing them up as the year ends and the ax falls- it is to be Alaska, this time- a far cry from the welcoming California town they had loved. But at the very end, even Maidie realizes that it is, after all, the family that counts, and in generous acceptance, she makes the final sacrifice, and gives her beloved horse to her ""best friend"", Anne. The Harper children have brought happiness wherever they have touched the lives of others. Contemporary, might-be-true (though almost too good) a happenstance, where practically everything turns out well.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1949
Publisher: Messner