THE MERRIVALES by Alice Ross Colver


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Unrationed family problems, freshened up by, rather than the result of, wartime conditions as the Merrivales, one and all, hit a time of crisis. Edith joins the WAACS, presumably for patriotic reasons, actually to escape what she deems an empty marriage; Lea, her older daughter, really in love for the first time, has to face the prospect of a baby without a marriage; Jack, long in love with the wrong girl, has his eyes opened and joins the Navy Air Corps; Jill, his twin, is unable to get to first base with the man she loves and Donald, their father, has a small fling with an understanding neighbor. But Lea's accident, that results in her losing the baby, causes a shift in all personal relations and a new set-up for the family. Petticoat provender, emphationally.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1943
Publisher: Macrae Smith