THE PARSON by Alice Ross Colver


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A story of small town life which reflects with greater seriousness than is usually found in this medium the attempt to equalize social attitudes as it is made by Dr. Barth Attwood, a minister who saw beyond the confines of his church, and young Don Kent, a teacher. It is the Parson's friendship with Don's sister and brother-in-law, unconventional and non-church going, which first provokes spiteful suspicion in the town which increases when Anne, the Parson's daughter, turns down the son of a leading family, for Don. And although Don retains his teaching contract only through the support of his students, the Parson loses his church in his struggle to bring a new concept of unity and democracy to his parish, but makes his mark in so doing. Some credible and compatible characterization gives this stamina in its class which is largely rental.

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 1950
Publisher: Macrae-Smith