SUSAN, HOSPITAL AIDE by Alice Ross Colver


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One footnoted incident in which the author appears as ""Alice Mary Colvin"" explains that this book is based on her own experience which must be some years ago. After all, Mrs. Colver has been writing books for a good thirty-five years. This may account for the fact that college girl Susan MacCready, who gets a summer job as an aide at New York's topflight Medical Center, is able to minister in all kinds of ways which are unthinkable in present-day segregated routines: she takes temperatures, respirations, blood pressures; she even preps a patient for surgery. Then, after work, there is the excitement of being in New York, seeing Radio City and the U.N., dating a young West Pointer (he's pretty dated too-- she's Miss MacReady when they meet), and finally realizing that Don, ""just Don,"" the boy back home is more than ""just""... Pretty much of a placebo for a public which is not as unspoiled as you might think; they've been doing their homework while watching The Nurses.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1964
Publisher: Dodd, Mead