THE SEED IS BLOWN by Alice Wright


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The location of this story is an early settlement at the juncture of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers which was set up by the Ohio Company of Associates under the leadership of General Rufus Putnam; the time is 1788, when the British were encouraging the Indians to sabotage these settlements. The three Lake children arrived on the scene en route to Kentucky, but were forced to stay there because their father had just disappeared. During their years alone, Winthrop, Suzanne and Merry became recognized members of the community and Silverheels, a halfbreed who lived alone because he considered himself an outcast by both his people, helped them to rescue their father at the point where he was trussed to the stake. The story combines wilderness adventure with descriptions of household life, so it should be interesting to both girls and boys. The characterization is old-fashioned--Winthrop is a cardboard image of youthful responsibility, his sisters react like Polly and Phronsie Pepper. The historical framework is a good support to the story, and the regional background is of particular market value.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1965
Publisher: Rand McNally