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The eighth title in the useful ""Career Book"" series, this volume by a former physician and now Director of the program in Medical and Natural Sciences of The Rockefeller Foundation does a good job in acquainting the reader with numerous aspects of the scientific life and how training for it has developed in the United States. Discussed specifically are kinds of scientists, the differences and similarities between the scientist and the engineer, the social sciences, the rewards and satisfactions of the scientific life, how science relates to art, morality and public policy. A hypothetical ""Day in the Life of a Scientist"" gives what is calculated to be an objective, unglamorous picture, but the hectic day described might well scare off the timid. Would be most useful to college freshmen and brighter high school students already leaning toward the scientific career who would stick with the not particularly engaging style.

Pub Date: March 30th, 1964
Publisher: Macmillan