MISS CONDON by Aline Bernstein


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With an extravagant elegance of decor (which runs to antiques, fine arts, Parisian couture and jewels) and a frailty of sensibility which is equally extreme, this tells the story of Miss Condon who became Mrs. Charles Ames. Jennie Condon, young, inexperienced, marries older Charles Ames, largely out of affection and dependence. Only as Charles has reached substantial success as an impressario does she become restless in her luxurious, celebrity-ridden life, and during a retreat to the Riviera, she meets Zachary Earle. There- as Miss Condon- the dour lonely New Englander attracts her, and- carried off her feet- she goes through a civil marriage ceremony. Next day she leaves for America- and Charles- and only three months later admits her sin to Zachary. ""Without turning a hair, he drives her from the house; Charles takes her back, smoothes the acknowledgment and atonement of her ""indiscretion"" -- and ""for many years she woke up crying out in anguish"".... What would you say that proved?

Pub Date: March 20th, 1947
Publisher: Knopf