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THE DESERT PRINCE by Alisha Sevigny


From the Secrets of the Sands series, volume 2

by Alisha Sevigny

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-4597-4432-5
Publisher: Dundurn

In this sequel to The Lost Scroll of the Physician (2020), the spy they’ve freed leads the young scribes across the Egyptian desert to rescue pharaoh’s daughter from the Hyksos chieftain’s stronghold.

If freeing and following Pepi is risky, remaining in Thebes spells certain death for Sesha, Paser, and Reb. Pepi earns their trust on the hazardous journey where dangers include lethal quicksand and a violent sandstorm. Reuniting with Princess Merat brings new dangers; the chieftain, intending to marry Merat immediately, insists Sesha, 13, be married as well, requiring a quick-thinking ruse. Assisting the venerable Hyksos physician, Sesha notices disconcerting similarities and connections between Hyksos culture and her own: They pray to the same gods and sing their children the same lullabies. The previously disparaging Thebans are shocked to find Hyksos technology superior, admiring the way they cast bronze and use horse-drawn chariots. As famine threatens Egypt, with war all but inevitable, Sesha discovers a passion for peace as deep as her commitment to healing. From her first glimpse of a horse to setting a broken leg, Sesha’s reactions are convincing. This sequel also adds depth to secondary characters (who could use still more). When the action-packed plot threatens to veer out of control, the evocative settings and vivid, quotidian observations of life 3,500 years ago reanchor it. The cliffhanger ending does its job.

A richly detailed, immersive read.

(Historical adventure. 9-13)