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THE ORACLE OF AVARIS by Alisha Sevigny


From the Secrets of the Sands series, volume 3

by Alisha Sevigny

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-4597-4435-6
Publisher: Dundurn

In this conclusion to the Secrets of the Sands trilogy, Sesha and fellow scribes Paser and Reb accompany Pepi to the Hyksos capital of Averis.

Their goal is to see the ailing king, who is Pepi’s uncle, and prevent war with Thebes. Yanassi, the king’s son and presumed heir to the throne, and his bride-to-be, Theban Princess Merat, are already attending upon dying King Khyan. As they sail to Averis, Pepi shares a prophecy likely unknown to Yanassi: The next Hyksos ruler will come from the line of the physician, ushering in 40 years of peace and prosperity. Pepi believes it refers to Sesha, daughter of Thebes’ royal physician, who’s been posing as his betrothed. Sesha is uncertain—Pepi’s her mentor and friend; she has no desire to marry him but believes Pepi might in fact be the king’s son. She’s confused when the king insists that he isn’t. Could the prophecies mean that Ky, Sesha’s beloved brother and a Theban heir, will inherit the throne of Hyksos? Seeking clarification, the scribes undertake a dangerous journey to the oracle only to hear her prophesy something shocking and unexpected. Sesha excepted, characters remain somewhat underdeveloped, and the interpretation of prophecies and political strategizing slow the pace. Fortunately, Sevigny excels at worldbuilding, layering the minutiae of daily life in convincing detail—in her hands, ancient Egypt, perennially fascinating, becomes a character in its own right.

An immersive read for lovers of historical fiction.

(Historical fiction. 9-13)