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by Alison Kent

Pub Date: March 5th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-611097894
Publisher: Montlake Romance

Kaylie Flynn returns to the only home she’s ever known, intending to open a cafe; along the way, she’ll find friends, family and perhaps the love she never knew she was looking for.

When Kaylie’s father joined the military and she was abandoned by her mother to the foster-care system, she was lucky to land in Hope Springs with the Wise family. They’re gone now, but she’s back in town to buy the lovely Victorian house the Wises owned and convert it into a restaurant. She’s spent her adult life keeping her eye on that prize, and now that she’s fulfilled the dream, for the first time ever, she finds herself drawn to the people around her: the sexy contractor she hires to do the renovations to make the home a business; the artistic weaver who’s found amazing success with the Hollywood crowd; and a variety of other workers and members of the community who are making a stamp on her heart. Kaylie distrusts her own emotions, and depending on other people has never been easy. Adjusting to Hope Springs and the many people who want to help her—and maybe even love her—is a difficult leap of faith, and one she’s unprepared for, but maybe the time has come for a change. Maybe she’ll even trust them enough with her hidden secrets or enlist their aid in helping her find her father, who disappeared into the sands of time. While the premise is wonderful, and the character-building is well-done, the storytelling simply moves too slowly to be engaging, and for the most part, the conflict is too weak to carry any true emotional intensity for the duration of the book. Some awkward phrasing, poor pacing and a plot that misses the mark in building tension from the start make for a decent but unspectacular read.

Great concept, lackluster execution.