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Here's a book slated for the de Seversky and iff market -- but limiting potentials by too categorical an analysis of the score against Germany, against Britain, too technical an appraisal of the relative values of the different classes of the air arm, -- German, British, American. Michle speaks from the viewpoint of a correspondent on the spot. He has been a reporter for Life and Time, and is now a roving reporter for The Reader's Digest. He is the author of a book published last summer by Alliance, Retreat to Victory. He is realistic in his contention that we must act now, and not theorize on what can be done with the planes of the future -- and his points are well taken and convincing. He is strongly opposed to the theory on which our air force in Britain operates -- daylight bombing, and disputes the findings of such experts as ick-enacker, claiming that he accepted polite disclaimers and artificial tests rather than sizing things up on the basis of performance. He specifically recommends certain changes in policy, more cooperation with the British, agreement on equipment to alloy for greater flexibility, elimination of planes that have proved inadequate (he names, and speaks on the basis of inside information), concentration on planes that have proved their value. The soundness of his position is somewhat questionable when he ventures into rigid figures and percentages (always a fluctuating factor in times like these) -- but on larger issues he is heartening. Germany can be beaten in of her supply sources are destroyed, etc. Here is made to order material for the -chair strategist who wants to have unanswerable arguments to confront a less well read opponent. One could wish that the powers that be would take this sort of challenge seriously; but one wonders whether it is good ""morale building"" for the masses. A book that will make me -- for one -- look with a carefully appraising and and discounting eye at the official headlines, official summaries, and over-all statements from authoritative sources; and that will cause me to figuratively speaking thrw all commercial advertising and institutional advertising of big Business ""out the window."" Definitely a book for men rather than women; definitely also a book not to be casually dismissed. Illustrated with 24 pages of official reconnaissance photographs, showing the results of the air offensive against Germany.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1943
Publisher: Holt