TEN IN A BED by Allan Ahlberg
Kirkus Star


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Dinah Price is a sensible schoolgirl whose commonplace days have unusual conclusions: she keeps finding familiar story characters in her bed. Not to worry: Dinah argues, reasons with them, and tells them variations of their own stories, each time managing to get the bed back in time to go to sleep. When she reverses the story of the three bears so that they invade Goldilocks' house and end by going home to bed, the three bears take the hint; the witch is mollified by a story in which the witch is loved by the prince; the cat has starred in several roles, but is now appearing in ""Puss in Boots,"" though he and Dinah debate about the correct version; Dinah doesn't know ""The Frog Prince,"" so the frog has to tell it to her; the giant, who threatens to eat Dinah, is the most serious threat (and the only one to cause her to escape downstairs, whence she is promptly sent back), but quickly subsides when he realizes that they're waking the baby. These playful variations on familiar stories and Dinah's spunky dialogue with their characters are delightfully comical; it's a treat to have the full flavor of the original, very British text. Occasional humorous drawings lighten the format. Especially good for reading aloud.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1989
Page count: 94pp
Publisher: Viking