RIVERS IN HARNESS: The Story of Dams by Allan H. Cullen

RIVERS IN HARNESS: The Story of Dams

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Few probably recognize the tremendous importance of dams in our modern economy and what consequences they have on our agriculture, politics and wild life as well. This tells the story of dams, from their first use in Egypt centuries ago to irrigate the land. In 1992, Teddy Roosevelt spurred a dam building program which has cost the country millions of dollars and changed the face of the land. But by now the purposes of dams have become more complex flood-control, water for hydroelectric power, the reclamation of land have been achieved. Cullen covers the problems of building and maintaining dams and the political fights which they often occasion as well as historic dam breaks throughout the world. There is a compendium of major dams in the U.S. as well. A useful book, largely for those interested in natural resources and their conservation, and for engineers.

Pub Date: Nov. 14th, 1962
Publisher: Chilton